Mr. Lonely is the embodiment of our isolation – a mythical boogeyman that speaks to our times and gives life to our deepest nightmares – when you’re alone, that’s when he gets you. Loneliness is all-consuming, a state of being that we spend our lives trying to avoid. The irony is that the harder we strive for connection, acceptance, and popularity, the more we isolate ourselves. We push others away and lose touch with who we really are. In this digital age, despite the illusion of social connectivity, we’re actually more alone than ever.

DEADLINE: In a competitive situation, Spyglass Media Group has won rights to adapt the 13 minute short horror film Mr. Lonely into a feature film. “Mr. Lonely” will re-team director David-Jan Bronsgeest, writer Marc Bloom and producer Tim Koomen, who did Meet Jimmy. Phantom Four’s David S. Goyer and Keith Levine have boarded the project to produce.

director David-Jan Bronsgeest screenplay Marc Bloom producer Tim Koomen, BLOODRAVE cinematography Jeroen Kiers production design Lois Van Galen Last sound design Coen Bruins film editing Erik Ten Brinke original score Michiel Marsman grading Erik Den Heuvel, De Grot