In a dystopian universe Marvin(24) lies abandoned on an ice cold rainy street. Afraid, hurt, and not with much hope left. Mr. Wang the town’s most brutal Villain took everything Marvin ever lived for. Just when Marvin is ready to release his last breath he’s being helped by a blind stranger. Together they train against all odds by preparing themselves for an epic end battle. Will Marvin be able to step out of the shadow of his opponent?

Never fear darkness, follow the blind.

with Harvey Chikido, Bob Malawau, Micheal-Lee Wong, Soraya Jahn

writer/director David-Jan Bronsgeest 1st AD Arjen Oosterbaan producer Arjen Oosterbaan, Jeroen Kiers, David-Jan Bronsgeest cinematography Jeroen Kiers art direction Lois Van Galen Last sound design Matthijs Klein original soundtrack René Thie editing Emiel Nuninga color grading Wouter Suyderhoud

Official selection Milano Fashion Film Festival 2017

Official selection Miami Fashion Film Festival 2017: “Best Director”, “Best Creative Concept”, “Best Story” and “Best Male Lead”

Nominated for “Best Story” at the London Fashion Film Festival 2017


Nominated for “Best Dutch film” and “Best emerging Talent” at Fashion Clash 2017

Official selection Bruxelles Fashion Film Festival 2017

Featured on ID-VICE